• This monster appears to be an aged/scarred version of the original "Red Dragon Archfiend", noting its broken horn and one of its wrists seemingly bound in a ribcage-esque cast.
    • This monster's design is inspired by the final Duel of 5D's, where "Red Dragon Archfiend" was destroyed by the Scrap Fist coming from "Junk Warrior".[1]
      • Furthermore, its effect could be a reference to its continuing rivalry with "Junk Warrior". Since the anime effect of "Junk Warrior" is portrayed as a Continuous Effect, "Scarlight" could destroy most of the Level 2 or lower monsters commonly used to increase the ATK of "Junk Warrior" and overcome it in battle.
  • This card's English name is likely a pun on the word "scarlet", referring to a deep shade of red.
    • It could also be a reference to the Japanese name for "Red Nova Dragon", which is "Scar-Red Nova Dragon". This would be appropriate as "Red Nova Dragon" is an advanced form of the original "Red Dragon Archfiend".
    • Another possible pun is that the "Scar-Right" in this monster's name is that its right wrist has been scarred, as indicated by the cast-like binding on it. Also, its right horn has been scarred/broken.
    • In addition, it may also be a play on the word "starlight", with which it differs in only one letter.


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