• This monster's name is a reference to the angel Sandalphon.
  • When Z-one first Summons this card in the anime, it is shown to be much larger than any of the previous nine "Timelords". However, when he Summons it for the second time (with the effect of "Sephylon"), it appears to be the same size as the previous "Timelords".
    • This may be because this card has 4000 original ATK whereas the previous "Timelords" have 0. When "Sephylon" Summons this card along with three other previous "Timelords", the ATK of all four Summoned "Timelords" become 4000. Since this card already has 4000 ATK, only the other 3 "Timelords" gain ATK, and thus the four Summoned "Timelords" appear to be the same size as each other.
  • In the anime, when this card attacks, it fires a golden blast out of the 'cannons' on its shoulders. When its damaging effect activates, it generates a golden lightning-shaped saber with its hands, picks it up, and throws it at the opponent.