• This is the Ritual version of "Instant Fusion".
    • This card doesn't perform a proper summon, but "Instant Fusion" does (Ritual and Fusion Summon respectively).
    • This card can summon a monster of any Level, but "Instant Fusion" only summons Level 5 or lower.
  • Judging from the design of the robe it is wearing, the figure appearing here is more likely "The Agent of Judgment - Saturn", but with three pairs of arms and wings.
    • One could also assume that it is "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane" because of the six wings and the relation to this card's effect. However, note that if compared to the physical appearance of the angel in this card's artwork (wearing a long robe and having organic wings), "Shinato" clearly wears different clothing, and his wings are a bit mechanical in design.
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