• This card is an older version of "Revendread Slayer"
    • This is made clear by this card counting as "Revendread Slayer" while on the field.
  • This card appears to be an amalgamation of "Revendread Slayer" and "Vendread Battlelord" after their battle.
    • This battle can be seen in the artwork of "Revendread Evolution".
    • The aftermath of the fight can bee seen in the artwork of "Vendread Daybreak". Based on the artwork, "Revendread Slayer" won.
  • This card appears to be the demonic counterpart to "Avendread Savior"
    • This could be due to Spawn, the superhero "Revendread Slayer" is based on, having possessed both demonic and angelic powers during his career.
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