• The correct pronunciation of Reign-Beaux is "rainbow", which matches the "Dark World" name puns on color.
  • This card's Chinese name, 彩蓮恩, is a combination of 彩蓮 (literally "colored lotus") and 恩 ēn (transcription of the phoneme sequence /ɪ̯n/ as in rain/rein/reign).
  • This card is the only "Dark World" monster whose effect only activates when discarded by an opponent's card effect.
  • This card is mistakenly called a Fusion Monster in the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, when "Brron, Mad King of Dark World" Summons him. Despite the fact that Brron calls it a Fusion Monster, it isn't one since he was able to return it to his hand without it returning to his Fusion Deck instead.
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