• This monster is considered to be the Sacred Beast incarnate of the Egyptian God card "Obelisk the Tormentor", noted by this monster's blue color, humanoid appearance, and similar ATK-gaining anime effects.
    • Like "Obelisk's" anime effect, this card also possess an effect to tribute a monster in order to increase its attack power.
  • The Sacred Beasts are named after angels in Judeo-Christianity. This card's name is an alternate spelling of the name of Raziel.
  • According to a Pojo post by Dan Scheidegger (an Upper Deck Entertainment employee), this card was originally approved to have "Genma" in its TCG name, but a 3rd company decided "they didn't like the word."
    • In another Pojo post, Dan further explained that this was not for censorship reasons, but rather because the company did not think the name was "cool enough."
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