• This card can be seen as the ZEXAL counterpart to "The Seal of Orichalcos" as both Spells are used by antagonists and are a key part in their respective anime series' ploys.
    • This is also supported by their abilities to brainwash anyone who used them, appearing on their foreheads in the process.
    • While "The Seal of Orichalcos" caused the loser of a Duel with it active to lose their soul, this card has the power to make the loser of a Duel (with it activated) severely weakened or possibly killed, but only for members of the Astral and Barian worlds. But if humans use this card and lose a Duel, their memories during the brainwash are erased.
  • In the ZEXAL anime, when a Spell Card is activated, it glows white. "Barian's Force", instead, glows crimson when activated by a Barian pawn. It emits a rainbow-colored light when activated by a Barian.
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