• This card may have been introduced to allow for the easier Xyz Summon of "Thunder End Dragon" without having to buy cards from another set.
  • This card is tied with "Gogiga Gagagigo" for the second strongest Normal Monster in terms of ATK, the strongest being "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • This card has replaced "Tri-Horned Dragon" as the second strongest Dragon-Type Normal Monster, right behind "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • This card has the highest ATK and DEF total combined sum, for a Normal Monster in the game.
  • Rabidragon has several similarities to "Blue-Eyes White Dragon":
    • The horns on the sides of its mouth similar to those of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
    • It is in almost the exact same pose as Blue-Eyes in its fourth card art.
  • This card has an especially tongue-in-cheek flavor text (Particularly given its silly, if accurate, description and the sudden darkly comic inclusion of the line "There's no way anybody can escape" at the end), reflecting its apparently silly nature as a card. It is, after all, seemingly meant as a bunny rabbit parallel to "Blue Eyes White Dragon".
  • This card's name appears to be a portmanteau of the words "rabbit" and "dragon", as well as a pun on the word "rabid", a word often interpreted as meaning "violent and rage-filled". This makes sense, given the fact that "there's no way anybody can escape".
  • Not to mention Rabies
  • Its official Chinese name, "兔龍", literally means "Rabbit Dragon".
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