• This card is a Female counterpart and an Xyz Monster counterpart of "King Dragun".
    • This card holds a lyre with a similar shape to "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" like "Dragun" and has an effect that Special Summons Dragon-Type monsters like the above two cards, although aimed at the Graveyard instead of the hand, as well as having a limit.
    • Both have the same exact naming pattern in their Japanese names; King Dragun's Japanese name is "Dragon Devil - King Dragoon" (竜魔人 キングドラグーン Ryūmajin Kingu Doragūn).
    • Their poses mirror each other.
    • This card and "King Dragun" both have effects that protect Dragon-Type monsters. This card prevents destruction by battle, while "King Dragun" prevents targeting by effects.
    • As a further connection, "King Dragun's" Fusion Material Monsters, "Lord of D." and "Divine Dragon Ragnarok", are both Level 4, making them eligible Xyz Materials for this card.
    • This card is a combination made from "Lady of D." and "Divine Dragon Apocralyph", in the same way "King Dragun" was made from "Lord of D." and "Divine Dragon Ragnarok".
    • Both of them were also initially released as Super Rares in their debut Booster Packs in the TCG. It should be noted that "King Dragun" was also printed as an Ultimate Rare in its debut Booster Pack, and this card was instead printed as a Rare in its debut Booster Pack in the OCG.
  • Because of the "魔人" in her name, she is a "Djinn"-Xyz Monster and eligible for the related support.
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