• The characters on the left page of the pop-up book in this card's artwork appear to be (from left to right) the fairy tale princesses Sleeping Beauty, Snow White (and her seven dwarves, if you look closely), Cinderella– and her Fairy Godmother. All of these characters are dressed based upon their Disney versions.
    • The right page of the book appears to depict each princess's corresponding fairy tale villainess. From left to right, the white-haired witch as Snow White's stepmother (she disguised herself as an old woman to kill Snow White, plus her poisoned apples are scattered around her), the three orange haired girls are Cinderella's evil stepmother and step-sisters, and the younger witch is the fairy who cursed Sleeping Beauty (the spinning wheel she used to send the princess into her sleep is to her left). Ironically, none of these characters match their Disney versions like the princesses do.
  • The style of the characters are similar to the "Madolche" and "Ghostrick" archetypes respectively. This is fitting as both archetypes heavily rely on field spells.
  • This is the first card that references both players' ability to control a card in their Field Zone, following the implementation of Master Rule 3.
    • It also references how previous game mechanics dictated how a players Field Spells' were destroyed upon an opponents activation of theirs'. Ironically, that was no longer true at the time of its release in both the OCG and TCG.
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