• In chemistry, polymerization is the process of fusing two or more molecular units into larger chains of units called polymers. This is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! as two or more monsters are being combined to form a new, stronger monster.
  • This card and "Dark Magician" are the only cards to have different Passcodes for alternate artwork.
    • The alternate art was used in the dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime.
    • There is an original art "Polymerization" card with altered artwork in the center of the two monsters moving towards it, referencing how the card works.
    • The alternate artwork of this card is the only card to feature an image of itself in its own artwork (The "Polymerization" card fusing the monsters together).
    • Despite the alternate artwork being edited, the "Polymerization" card in the alternate artwork was left untranslated.
  • This card has the most errata of any card in the OCG, with eight different erratas.
  • This card is one of the few cards whose errata made the text longer. The new, lengthened, text explains exactly what to do for a Fusion Summon, while the original text explained what was happening during a Fusion Summon but did not explain how to conduct one.
  • This is one of two cards to have appeared in every Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, the other being "Mystical Space Typhoon". Of the two, this is the only one to have been played in all of them.
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