• This monster is probably based on the yōkai Nuppeppō, an undead amorphous being that wanders aimlessly, spreading its odor of rotten flesh.
    • This is reinforced by the "plague spreader" nature of this monster and by the fact it has not a defined form, being composed by parts of many different creatures.
      • It appears to consist of several different monster parts. While most features of its body aren't identifiable parts of specific monsters, the right arm appears to be that of "Koalo-Koala" and its left arm appears to be that of "Berserk Gorilla".
  • This card has many similarities to "Pain Painter":
    • They both have the same Attribute, Type, Level, ATK and DEF.
    • They are both Tuner monsters.
    • While not much of a similarity, they both have the same name (the effect of "Pain Painter" lets its name be treated as "Plaguespreader Zombie").
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