• This card is part of the "Supreme King Odd-Eyes" series; monsters that are a hybrid between "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and another one of the "Four Dimension Dragons". The hybrid part stems from the fact that those monsters are a mix between "Odd-Eyes"' Pendulum status and the other "Dimension Dragon's" card type/summoning mechanic.
    • Appearance-wise, this monster looks like an inverted version of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon".
      • Like "Odd-Eyes Rebellion", this monster is a hybrid evolution of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", the two monsters Yuya used to Summon this card for the first time.
        • However, when Yuya overlays both Dragons, he calls for "Dark Rebellion" first and then for "Odd-Eyes" instead of the other way around like with "Odd-Eyes Rebellion".
      • The two cards have other similarities as well: Both require 2 Level 7 Dragon monsters to be Summoned, can be Pendulum Summoned despite being Xyz Monsters, and can attack multiple times if Summoned using an Xyz Monster as a Material. They even have the same Pendulum Effect of placing another monster in the other Pendulum Zone.
      • Similar to how "Odd-Eyes Rebellion" bears a stronger resemblance to "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", this monster bears a stronger resemblance to "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon".
      • Interestingly, "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" has consistently been Summoned via Yuya's "Performapal" Deck despite resembling "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" while "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon" has only been Summoned via Yuto's "Phantom Knights" Deck despite resembling "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon".
      • Unlike the OCG/TCG version of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", this card has an effect that requires the use of detaching its Xyz Materials.
    • This is the only "Supreme King Odd-Eyes" monster whose Japanese name - "Supreme King Blazing Dragon" - does not contain the color of its corresponding card type.
  • This card can be seen as a visual description of the devil, which Zarc is called. The devil is described as a red dragon with seven crowns, the seven crowns matches this card's Rank number, as well as its demonic appearance.
    • Similarly, its appearances in the anime could be considered an omen, as it only appeared when Yuya was in an Awakened state. After Zarc's defeat, this card was never used again.
  • The anime incarnations of this card and "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" are the only hybrid evolutions of the "Four Dimension Dragons" in the anime that do not require their base monster that is not "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" to be used as a Material for their Summon. However, they do require having an Xyz Monster as an Xyz Material to activate their effects.
    • Both of these cards are Xyz Monsters.
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