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  • This monster is the largest "Number C" monster, just as its original form is the largest "Number" monster.
  • Unlike other "Number C" monsters, this monster does not emerge from an Overlay Network, but instead, its Xyz Material circles around the atmosphere of Earth in the form of an Overlay Unit, until eventually dissipating. The Earth is then surrounded by a red glow around its atmosphere when this monster is Xyz Summoned in space.
    • This could mean this monster is too huge to be Summoned on Earth, but has to be Summoned in space instead.
  • This is the first "Number C" to have its Attribute changed from its appearance in the anime to being released.
  • The "Spectral" in this card's Japanese is likely to be a reference on how its appearance looks more demonic and less mechanical than its original form. This also explain why this card's Attribute is DARK in the anime.
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