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  • This form of "Utopia" is different because this form has a light color scheme, not a dark color scheme like the previous evolved forms.
    • Also, it keeps all of its swords in a holster on its back while previous forms kept at least one on each of its hips.
  • In the anime, this monster keeps its second pair of arms concealed as part of the upper arms of its "primary" arms. They separate and extend when it is about to draw its swords.
  • This is the first "Number C" monster Summoned through Rank-Up that doesn't have Chaos Overlay Units but has regular yellow ones.
    • Also, unlike most "Number C" monsters summoned through Rank-Up, this card doesn't have glowing Barian energy lines running through its body.
    • That is because it was not created by a Barian card, but rather by a card that ZEXAL II created.
  • The first time this card was Summoned, its number was shown using the red color that all other forms of "Utopia" use. In its second appearance, however, it was shown in a bright turquoise color. This makes "Utopia Ray Victory" the first "Number C" monster to have a different number color from its original counterpart.
    • This may have been a mistake though, as the number on the monster itself, as well as the one shown on subsequent Summon sequences is red.
  • This card is the true and evolved form of "Number C39: Utopia Ray V".
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