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  • Part of this card's Japanese name Hope Ray is an alternative wording of "Ray of Hope".
    • This card's effect is related to its name due to the fact that it can only be activated if you have 1000 Life Points or less, providing a "ray of hope" in bad situations.
    • This name is also a pun on the card's title; the Katakana for "Rei" can also be interpreted as "Rei", Portuguese for King.
  • This card is the first Xyz Monster to use another Xyz Monster as its Xyz Material.
    • It is also the first Xyz Monster to name a specific monster needed for Xyz Material.
    • It is also the first Xyz Monster able to be Xyz Summoned using only one Xyz Material.
  • This card's effect is the opposite of its counterpart; the effect of "Utopia" is used to defend, while the effect of "Utopia Ray" is used for offensive purposes.
  • This monster has the most appearances of any "Number C" monsters.
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