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  • This card is based on a Dyson sphere, a hypothetical technological megastructure that encircles or encloses either a star or a star and its solar system, designed to harvest a sun's vast energy to benefit the people living within the Dyson sphere.
    • In the anime, this is one of the largest, if not the largest, monsters seen so far, being slightly smaller than the Sun when in its sealed form. When it is in its true form, it is big enough to surround the Sun with its panels.
    • During Kite Tenjo's Duel against Vetrix, this monster's panels are shown to have buildings, which means that its panels are not just for supplying energy but also for supporting entire cities. This confirms Quinton's statement about Dyson Sphere being a "space colony".
  • This sealed form of this "Number" resembles a meteor with its panels covering it. It then slowly spreads out its panels to reveal its whole form.
  • This is the first and currently only Xyz Monster that doesn't have its Xyz Material revolving around it in the normal manner.
    • Instead, this monster's Xyz Materials seem to flow through its panels. If they need to be used for its effect, they simply leave the panels.
  • In the anime, when this monster's effects are negated or its ATK is decreased to 0, all of its lights shut down just like a machine without any power.
  • In the anime, this monster creates a black hole (which suck in all matter) to negate attacks, and then creates a white hole (which ejects matter) to attack.
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