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* This card has a [[Number C]] counterpart: "[[Number C96: Dark Storm]]".
* This card has a [[Number C]] counterpart: "[[Number C96: Dark Storm]]".
* When [[Vector]] played this card against [[Merag]] and [[Dumon]] it took the form of a darkened [[Astral]].

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  • The number 96 is shown to be on this card's head.
    • This card has a kind of "joke" on its design: its eyes and mouth are on its chest, and on its face, where the eyes should be, is his number (96); in a way, they look like its eyes.
    • The fake form of Number 96 appears to have its Number as the eyes.
  • This is the first Fiend-Type "Number" monster, along with being the first Rank 2 "Number" monster.
  • This is the first "Number" monster to require a specific kind of Xyz Materials, though only in the anime (this element was not elaborated upon in the English dub).
  • This card's sealed form is a blob of black slime with a flickering flame-like object inside. The slime then forms its right claw, left leg and head before finally appearing in its true unsealed form.
    • When the sealed form turns into its fake unsealed form, its right hand and head are shown being formed before the full fake form appears.
  • This is the second "Number" monster whose sealed and unsealed forms were not rendered in 3D graphics, the first being "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", although in Episode 37, its unsealed form is shown in 3D.
  • As Dark Mist can be seen as the dark counterpart to Astral, this card can be seen as the dark counterpart to "Number 39: Utopia".
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