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  • The capitalization in "Heart-eartH", is probably because the 2 words are anagrams.
  • In Japanese, the number 9 can be read as "ku" and 2 as "tsu"; together, it reads kutsu, which sounds similar to kuzu, the Japanese word for scrap.
  • This card's number is equal to Dr. Faker's "number 53" plus Yuma's "number 39", which equals 92.
    • This card's Rank also equals to those 2 monster's Ranks added together.
      • The "9" in the 92 might refer to its rank while "2" might refer to it being the 2nd "Number" Dr. Faker used.
        • Its number may also be a reference to the fact that this is the second Rank 9 monster to be made, the first being "Number 9: Dyson Sphere".
  • This monster appears to have what looks like a human heart on its rib cage-like chest.
  • This card has the lowest combined ATK and DEF out of all Xyz Monsters.
  • This monster has the longest name of any "Number" card so far.
  • This is the first "Number" card that can be Xyz Summoned from the Extra Deck by another "Number", specifically "Number 53: Fake-Body God, Heart-eartH".
    • So far, this is the only Xyz Monster that can be Special Summoned by overlaying another Xyz Monster with a method other than Chaos Xyz Evolution.
  • This is the only "Number" card that on the anime doesn't have the effect of only being destroyed in battle by other "Number" cards. Instead, it can't be destroyed by battle by any monster - similar to "Yubel".
  • The way that this card was Summoned by the effect of another monster after the latter was destroyed may be a reference to how "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane" was Special Summoned after "Shinato's Ark", which was being used as Noah Kaiba's Deck Master at the time, was destroyed in the Virtual World arc of the original series.
  • This card's effect is in contrast between its anime and OCG/TCG version. In anime, it can banish cards without the use of its Xyz Material, but it needs to have no Xyz Material to use its reviving effect. However in OCG/TCG, it can banish cards with the cost of an Xyz Material, but it needs to have an Xyz Material to revive itself.
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