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  • This is the only "Gimmick Puppet" Xyz Monster that cannot inflict effect damage.
  • The number 88 written as a date (8/8) is august 8. Someone born on August 8 would be a Leo.
  • This card reflects Quattro's personality:
    • Lions are known to have a calm, majestic appearance while at rest, but can be ruthless and bloodthirsty when hunting. Similarly, Quattro disguises himself as a well-mannered man who interacts with people with a noble and polite demeanor when not Dueling, but becomes sadistic and cold when he is, especially against anyone who stands in his way.
    • This card's effect and appearance are somewhat the opposite of "Giant Grinder" and "Gimmick Puppet of Strings". While most "Gimmick Puppets" have somewhat disturbing and grotesque appearances, this card looks more righteous and benevolent. Also, unlike "Giant Grinder" and "Gimmick Puppet of Strings", this card does not involve destroying monsters or inflicting damage to the opponent. Instead, this card involves winning through a peaceful method. This could reflect Quattro's true kind and noble personality beneath his sadism.
    • This card's alternate victory condition and how it was attempted against Shark may reference Quattro and Shark's first Duel, where Quattro won against Shark by alternate means by getting him disqualified.
  • The appearance of this card of being a lion sitting on a throne may allude to it being the "king" of the "Gimmick Puppets", just as the lion is said to be the "king of the jungle".
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