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  • The number 6 is located on this card's chest ring.
  • This card is the first "Number" since "Number 34: Terror-Byte" to have a pink number.
    • Oddly, this card's number was printed as purple in the anime (though it still appeared pink on the monster).
  • When an Xyz Material is used, it is absorbed through its right hand, which then punches its opponent.
  • When this monster is Summoned and released into its full form, the selected "Number" monster then appears near it and is then absorbed by "Atlandis" through its stomach and turned into a miniature version of itself.
    • "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" appears in the artwork of this card, attached to the waist of "Atlandis". "Machu Mech" was the "Number" that Trey equipped to "Atlandis" in his second Duel against Yuma.
  • This "Number's" sealed form resembles a volcano.
  • Strangely enough, its Life Points halving effect says "Once per turn", even though there's no way to be able to use that effect once per turn, due to the necessary equipping effect activating only when it is Xyz Summoned, which means the Life Points halving effect can only be used just once.
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