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  • According to Vetrix, this monster is extremely difficult to control, as one must wield an enormous amount of anger.
  • The color of this monster may be based on Taoism, the yin and yang.
    • The card's number is similar in shape to the yin-yang symbol, which represents the balance between light and darkness.
    • This card's number, 69, also hints to a sort of balance. The number 6 looks like the number 9 (and vice-versa) when inverted.
  • This card's effect to take others' powers for itself is essentially what Vetrix did to Hart Tenjo.
  • When this monster uses it effect-gaining effect, a clawed hand made of pink energy comes out of its back and impales its target, draining it of its effects and color.
  • This monster changes forms each time its anime-exclusive destruction effect is activated.
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