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*This is the first "[[Legendary Number]]" that has a "[[Number C]]" form.
*This is the first "[[Legendary Number]]" that has a "[[Number C]]" form.
**This card is third "[[Number#Original|Original Number]]" that can evolved into "[[Number C]]" monster.
***The first being "[[Number 39: Utopia]]" that has three "Number C" forms.
***The second being [[Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss]]
***The forth being "[[Number 96: Dark Mist]]" that also evolves his [[Number 96: Dark Mist (character)|character]] into [[Chaos (anime)|Chaos]].
* This card's effect is similar to that of "[[Photon Strike Bounzer]]" and "[[Number 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining]]".

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  • The " (さい) (だん) saidan" in this card's Japanese name can mean both "cutting" and "judgement", referring to the blades this monster uses as weapons, and the fact that it is a judge.
  • This card appears to be the embodiment of a ruthless ruler who had a habit of executing any who opposed him, and then committed suicide out of remorse of all he had done.
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