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  • This monster is a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog.
    • This card's sealed form is a chagama, referencing the Japanese folktale Bunbuku Chagama, which is about a tanuki that uses its shape-shifting powers to transform itself into a teapot.
  • This card is named after Sandayu Momochi, one of the three Iga ninja leaders during the Sengoku period.
    • The TCG name is derived from ronin, a term for samurai that have no masters or else lost them. The card's Number Spirit, Ponta, lost his master, Girag, in his past life as a commander, which makes him the master of a samurai.
  • In the anime, this card was the only Mythyrian Number, whose debut Duel only lasted for one episode. All the other Mythyrian Numbers had their debut Duels last for two episodes.
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