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  • Despite having "Dragon" in its Japanese name and its dragon-like appearance, it is actually a Sea Serpent-Type.
    • This is also the first Sea Serpent-Type "Number" monster.
    • This is similar to "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", who is a Sea Serpent despite having "Dragon" in its name and having a Dragon-like appearance.
      • In the OCG, the Sea Serpent-Type is called Sea Dragon.
  • The number 32 can be seen on the left side of this card's chest.
    • This card's number as shown on the monster itself can still be read as "32" even if it's upside-down. This could possibly reflect this card's duality of being used for good despite its dark nature.
  • This card currently has the second highest ATK out of all Rank 4 monsters.
  • This card is currently the strongest Sea Serpent-Type Xyz Monster in the game.
  • This card could be considered the anti-thesis to "Number 39: Utopia". This is shown through the difference in their effects.
    • "Utopia" relies on pure defensive strategies, detaching its Xyz Materials to negate attacks.
    • "Shark Drake" relies on pure offensive strategies, detaching its Xyz Materials to bring back destroyed monsters, and then attacking them again, causing even more harm to the opponent.
    • While "Utopia" goes from a light color scheme to a dark one after going through Chaos Xyz Evolution, "Shark Drake" goes from a dark color scheme to a light one.
  • This is the second "Number" card Yuma obtained off screen.
  • This is the third "Number" to talk in the anime. But unlike "Number 96: Dark Mist", this card does not want the power of the other "Number".
  • This card could likely be the anime counterpart of "Bahamut Shark". Both are ace monsters of Shark, Sea Serpent-Type monsters, WATER monsters and Rank 4 Xyz Monsters that require 2 or more Xyz Materials.
  • The head of this monster resembles the dorsal head of "Shark Caesar".
    • Fittingly, both cards are owned by Shark.
  • This monster and Shark's motorcycle have a similar coloring.
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