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  • Given that all of Kyoji Yagumo's "Numbers" are molded to the situation at hand, this one appears to have been made as a direct counter to the defensive wall monster, "Number 52: Diamond Crab King." It was also made to abuse the Xyz Material-granting effect of "Court Battle" in order to deal the final blow to Mr. Heartland. This monster, in name, fits the metaphor for the "philosophy" of justice that Kyoji Yagumo maintained in said duel.
  • Like other "Numbers" associated with Kyoji, this card is related to sin.
    • This particular monster could represent the deadly sin of Wrath.
  • This card's alternate summoning method in the OCG is a reference to the manga effect of "Rank-Up Spider Web", which was used to summon this card in the manga.
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