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  • This card's sealed form is a black upside-down pyramid with a formation on top of the square. and blue and red panels on opposite triangle sides.
  • This card is the only base "Over-Hundred Number" monster whose Rank is not 4.
  • The number '107' can be seen on the right side of its head.
  • A tachyon is a hypothetical particle that always moves faster than light, which might symbolize how it is considered "stronger" effect-wise than its rival, "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".
    • It is theorized that said particle can travel backwards and forward through what is perceived as time. Furthermore, Astral makes a reference to this while describing its effect; it can travel backwards in time and reset the situation to its advantage.
  • This card is the rival counterpart to "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". This card has the same Attribute, ATK, DEF and Type; its Rank is also the same as the Level of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".
    • "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" resides in "Astral World" (according to Astral, it has light dwelling within it similar to his own world, likely because of its true form harnessing power from Astral World), while this card exists in the rival dimension, Barian World.
    • Like its rival, this dragon's true birthplace is the moon; it is also the "Dragon of Time" referred to in the Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time.
  • Barian World appears to be in this card's background.
  • This monster's roar in the anime is similar to how "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" roars in the Japanese version.
  • When this card uses its effect, it temporarily reverts to its sealed form. Then, if another "Number" has its effect negated, that monster reverts to its sealed form for as long as its effect remains negated.
  • There is an error on the Italian translation of this card. It was called "Numero 107: Drago Galattico Occhi Tachionici" which means "Number 107: Tachyon-Eyes Galaxy Dragon".
  • Ironically, being called "Galaxy-Eyes", this monster doesn't have a galaxy in its eyes.
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