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  • The number 106 (with 10 just barely visible) is on its wrist.
  • This monster is in the form of a right hand, while its Chaos form is undefined, having two thumbs and two index fingers.
  • In the anime, when this monster detaches an Xyz Material, it absorbs it into the middle eye-like part. Then, if the effect proceeds, a drill comes from the forefinger and drills into the opponent's monster.
  • This is the weakest "Number 10X" in terms of ATK.
  • This monster shares some similarities with "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis":
    • Their sealed forms are similar.
    • Their numbers have "6" in the ones digit.
    • Both monsters can use their effects only once.
    • Both are V Jump promotional cards.
    • Both of their respective numbers appear in the same corner in the background.
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