• This card is based on Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table who was known for his bravery. He honored a deal he made with the enigmatic Green Knight, even though he was led to believe it would result in his death.
    • This act of bravery is reflected in the card's effect, as it Special Summons itself in Defense Position, even though its ATK is far higher than its DEF. As such, this card can be seen as, like its namesake, offering its life to the enemy as an act of honor and courage.
    • This monster's green sash is a reference to the end of the story, where all the Knights of the Round Table wore a green sash in recognition of Gawain's adventure.
    • 'Gawayn' is the original Welsh spelling of 'Gawain'.
  • "Noble Arms - Gallatin" appears in this card's artwork.
    • In Arthurian lore, Gawain was said to grow weaker as days went on, being weaker at night than he was in the morning. This is reflected in "Gallatin" as a reduction in attack by 200 for every one of the controller's Standby Phases.
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