• This card's artwork was done by Joe Ng and was colored by Chilean artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias (AKA Genzoman) making this one of the few cards whose artwork wasn't created by a Japanese artist. Others examples include "Ancient Dragon"[1] and "Noble Knight Gawayn", whose art and coloring were also done by Genzoman.
  • This is the first Normal Monster in the game that has a poem for its flavor text.
    • In the Galactic Overlord prints, the English and French lores use slightly wider spacing than normal between the letters of each word. This is not done for the Spanish, German, or Italian lores. The unique wider spacing is removed in the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set reprint.
    • This card's OCG release did not retain the poem format in the flavor text, instead formatting it as more of a story or legend.
  • This card has the longest flavor text of all Normal Monsters.
  • This card is based on King Arthur, complete with the legend of him pulling a mythical sword that chooses kings from the stone it is embedded in. Depending on sources the sword is known as either Excalibur or Caliburn.
    • "Artorigus" is Old English for Arthur.
    • The poem written on this card is also very similar to the poem "Le Morte d'Arthur".


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