• This treasure appears in Richard Wagner's opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), of which the titular Ring is a part of.
  • In Norse mythology, in order to pay a blood debt to the king of the dwarves, the god Loki bullies the smith Andvari into giving him gold. Andvari indeed provides a vast amount of gold and jewels, but in retaliation the smith also places a curse on one golden ring, making it so that whoever owned the ring would die. Unfortunately, the smith mistakenly thought the ring would belong to Loki, but it was passed to the king of the dwarves as per the blood price agreement. In fulfillment of the curse, the treasure was coveted by the king's son, Fafnir, who slew his father and hid the treasure away inside a cave. Fafnir transformed himself into a dragon to guard the treasure more efficiently, but was killed by the hero Sigurd, who then took the treasure for himself despite being warned from doing so.
    • This card's effect of activating "Nibelung's Ring" is reflective of this myth and the opera it was based on.
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