• "Gogiga Gagagigo", "Inpachi", "Invader of Darkness", "Marauding Captain" and "Freed the Matchless General" appear in this card's artwork.
    • "Gogiga Gagagigo" (who is shown holding the head of "Inpachi" in his right hand and carrying "Invader of Darkness" with his left arm, implying that he defeated both of them) appears to have been battling "Freed", bringing him near to defeat. "Marauding Captain", recalling his and the past cooperation of "Gogiga Gagagigo", appears to be trying to reason with "Gogiga Gagagigo".
    • The events of "Common Sacrifice" may happen after the events of this card's artwork.
    • The circumstances of this card could have been the cause of the transformation of "Gogiga Gagagigo" into "Gagagigo the Risen", through the purification of his soul.
  • This card's name in kanji is written as "好敵手の記憶", which means "Memory of a Rival"; however, the furigana is written as "とものきおく" (友の記憶), which means "Memory of a Friend", implying the complicated relationships that the characters in this card's artwork have with each other. This practice of using furigana different in meaning from its base text is quite common in works of fiction as a literary device for metaphors, for annotation, for shorthand, or for puns.
  • This is a "watered-down" version of "Dimensional Prison" with the added effect of summoning the banished monster to your field.
    • "Dimensional Prison" also includes "Gagagigo" and "Freed the Brave Wanderer" in its artwork.
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