• This is the first "Meklord Emperor" in the anime to be featured in the CGI style in which the "Earthbound Immortal" monsters were depicted, in contrast to "Wisel" and "Skiel" being shown in the traditional artwork style.
  • The effect of this card that Special Summons Synchro Monsters equipped to it may possibly be derived from the effects of "Granel Guard" and "Granel Attack" in the anime, which both treat a Synchro Monster equipped to "Meklord Emperor Granel" as a monster for attacking or defending, though temporarily.
  • Despite being formed of five monsters in the anime, like the other two Meklord Emperors, "Granel's" OCG/TCG effect does not restrict its controller's other monsters from attacking, unlike "Wisel" and "Skiel".
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