• For unknown reason, despite the anime name having "Cubic" in its name, the OCG name omits it. The TCG name goes even further by omitting the "Infinity" as well.
  • This card's TCG name is based on the word "Mechanical".
  • This card, plus the three "Meklord Emperors", are the only cards to have infinity symbol in their Japanese names.
  • Even though it is meant to represent the combination of the Meklord Emperors, it resembles "Meklord Emperor Wisel" the most, with the white coloring, humanoid shape, and very similar head.
  • According to its written text in the anime, this is the only Level 12 Monster ever shown to not have any type of Summoning condition. As such, it is also the only Level 12 Monster that can be Normal Summoned in the anime.
  • The sound effect that this card's attack, "The Cube of Despair", used is the same as the sound effect used for "Meklord Emperor Granel's" attack.
  • Unlike the other Meklords, this monster has 4 absorption symbols, rather than 1.
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