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* This is the first "[[Lightray]]" to be TCG Exclusive.
* This is the first "[[Lightray]]" to be TCG Exclusive.
** This is also the the first and only "[[Lightray]]" without [[Special Summoning Conditions]].

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  • This is the "Lightray" counterpart of "Warrior Dai Grepher"
    • This is similar to how "Grepher" has a Dark Counterpart. Both also are TCG Exclusives.
    • This card could be "Warrior Dai Grepher" after taking the light path in "The Paths of Destiny" artwork. It might also be "Grepher" right before he becomes "Ryu Senshi", just as he becomes "Dark Grepher" right before he becomes "Dark Lucius".
    • Both "Lightray Grepher" and "Dark Grepher" has the same cost to Summon and Activate their effect, the differences is only the Attribute used for the cost.
    • They also has the difference in search methods. The light one banish LIGHT monster, while the other sent DARK monster to Graveyard.
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