• This card's design is based on the yin-yang, representing a balance between light and darkness.
  • This monster is composed of the "Dark End Dragon" and "Light End Dragon". Chazz Princeton in the manga uses this card and those cards in his Deck, as well as using many cards following a similar "light and darkness duality" theme. All these monsters also have effects that involve losing ATK and DEF.
  • This card and "Dark Highlander" are the only main ace monsters used by a rival to have 2800 ATK instead of 3000.
    • On the same note, this card and "Dark Highlander" are signature cards of the rivals from a manga.
  • This card was given away with volume 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga as the promo card, although it wasn't used in a Duel during the volume. However, its spirit makes an appearance during that volume.
  • This card's name was mentioned in a Sound Voltex song Xepher Light and Darkness Dragon REMIX. SDVX is produced by Bemani, Konami's music video game division, thus possible referencing directly within Konami.
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