• Like the other "Signer Dragons", this monster has a recurring theme. The theme of this Monster is the beauty of life. Its attack is named "Life Is Beauti-Howl", a portmanteau of "Life Is Beautiful" and "Howl". In addition, it staves off the loss of its controller's LP by increasing it if it's below 4000 and negating effect damage. Its Summoning Chant revolves around protecting life on Earth.
  • This card has the highest original ATK and Level of any Tuner monster.
    • It is also the only Tuner monster of the "Signer Dragons".
  • This is one of three existing OCG/TCG cards that allows your LP to become a set number regardless of what you originally had. The other cards are "Self-Destruct Button" and "Life Equalizer".
  • This is the only "Signer Dragon" to not have a "Duel Dragon" counterpart.
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