• This card shares the name "Ignis" with another FIRE monster; "Flame Spirit Ignis".
    • The name Ignis translates from Latin as fire or firebrand.
    • This card's name could be a reference to igneous rocks, a cooled form of lava.
  • This card is a combination of the "Gem-Knight" and "Laval" Archetypes
    • This monster was created by adding the FIRE power of the Lavals - "Laval Lakeside Lady" - into a Gem-Knight monster - "Gem-Knight Obsidian" - (they have the same Level and are released in the same pack, like all the others Archetype combinations from Duel Terminals).
    • This means it's possible that the "Lavals" and "Gem-Knights" have teamed up to defeat the "Vylons".
  • This card is also wearing a Red Cape, which may allude to that it has something to do with the "XX-Saber" monsters.
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