• This card's name and Type suggest that it was formed between a Level 4 "Laval" monster and "Gishki Chain", indicating an alliance between the "Gishki" and "Laval" archetypes.
    • This is reflected in the card's effects, and how they work well with their respective archetypes:
      • The first effect allows "Laval" monsters to fill the Graveyard quickly for their effects.
      • The second one allows several "Gishki" monsters to activate their effects.
    • This card's ATK, DEF and Type are the same as that of "Gishki Chain".
    • A "Gishki" symbol with the "Laval" symbol inside of it appears above this monster and on its chest.
  • This card's effect may be a parallel to that of "Daigusto Emeral"; this card focuses on searching the Deck, while "Daigusto Emeral" focuses on searching through the Graveyard.
    • The two monsters may be rivals; both appear in Duel Terminal 13, and possess the same ATK and mirrored poses.
    • There are noticeable rivalries between the "Lavals" and "Gem-Knights", as well as "Gishkis" and "Gustos"; "Chain" uses monsters from the former of each pair (both of which are allied portrayed as evil) as Xyz Material, while "Emeral" uses monster from the latter archetypes (also allied and portrayed as good).
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