("The High Priestess" reference.)
(I doubt this card was deliberately made in the OCG based off the Tarot. The company didn't even think of stuff like that in their early years.)
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* This card has a counterpart called "[[Dryad]]"; "[[Elemental Mistress Doriado]]" is the retrained version of Dryad. She also has a [[Dark counterpart]], [[Shadowpriestess of Ohm]]
* This card has a counterpart: "[[Dryad]]".
** "[[Elemental Mistress Doriado]]" is the [[retrained]] version of "Dryad".
* This card is based on the [[wikipedia:Tarot|Tarot]] card, [[wikipedia:The High Priestess (Tarot card)|The High Priestess]], the second of the [[wikipedia:Major Arcana|Major Arcana]]. This is evidenced by her Japanese name, "ハイ・プリーステス ''hai purīsutesu''" which means High Priestess.
* This card has a [[Dark counterpart]]: "[[Shadowpriestess of Ohm]]". This is supported by this card's Japanese name: "High Priestess".
** There is another monster, "[[High Priestess of Prophecy]]", that is also based on "The High Priestess" tarot card.

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