• Kycoo's Japanese name is an anagram of Kūkai, a Japanese Buddhist monk.
  • Unlike most occult or religious items featured in OCG cards, this monster retains his Buddhist prayer beads in all his TCG printings.
  • This monster's prayer beads appear in the artwork of "Tokkosho of Ghost Destroying".
    • This is supported by the fact that both cards have similar names and effects.
  • The kanji 滅 in the background of this card's artwork means "destroy."
  • This card shares a facial similarity with "Chow Len the Prophet" and "Anarchist Monk Ranshin" . Kycoo appears to have a reddish fleshy mask covering his left eye. Chow Len has a green-gray one covering his right eye. Ranshin completes this face with his mask-like lower face. Also they all have the same ATK.
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