• This card is often cited as the first and earliest example of a monster that can activate its effect from the hand, otherwise known as the first Hand trap.
  • "Kuriboh" roughly translates to "chestnut person" in Japanese. It is also the Japanese name for the Super Mario Bros. enemy known as "Goomba" in the International regions.
  • In the Swedish Shonen Jump, an interview with Kazuki Takahashi occurred in 2005. He listed his favorite monsters, and "Kuriboh" finished third. In his commentary, he said (freely translated), "What does that look actually mean?"
  • In the anime, this monster self-destructs on contact with the enemy. This is shown with the Spell Card "Detonate", which works best after using "Multiply", another support card specifically for this card.
  • In the anime, this monster seems to be different from other monsters in the sense that it is almost sentient. A good example of this is in episode 068, where Kuriboh (of its own accord) looks at Obelisk the Tormentor in awe as it absorbs the power of Kaiba's two other monsters that are on the field. Another example is episode 099, where Kuriboh itself chose to be Yugi's/Yami's first Deck Master in the Virtual World arc, much to their surprise.
    • Kaiba called this card one of the weakest monsters in the game, due to its low stats. In the anime and OCG/TCG, however, it has a very versatile effect and can be used with "Multiply" and "Detonate". In addition to this, there are many cards with lower ATK and DEF and no effect.
    • Kuriboh's apparent weakness is such that in chapter 131 of the manga, even Pegasus was shocked that anyone would use it in their deck.
    • Ironically, Kite Tenjo, who has Kaiba's role in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (more or less), doesn't share Kaiba's sentiment, having his own version of the card, "Kuriphoton". (Yuma has one of his own, "Rainbow Kuriboh", and in both cases, these Kuribohs saved their owners from attacks of monsters with deus ex machina powers, much like the original did.)
    • Also ironically, Kaibaman, a card based on Kaiba himself, has less Attack Points than Kuriboh, but more Defense Points.
  • This card or one of its counterparts appears in every Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.
  • "Sangan" might be related to "Kuriboh"; the Japanese name for "Sangan" is pronounced "Kurittā", and interestingly, the manga card art for both "Sangan" and "Kuriboh" have both share the same pose and share the same background and may also be its grotesque counterpart as Yugi was seen using it against Yami.
  • This card may be a counterpart to "Hanewata". "Hanewata" stops you from taking effect damage, while "Kuriboh" prevents battle damage.
    • This could be further enforced by this card being a Dark Fiend while "Hanewata" is a Light Fairy with the same Level and inverted ATK and DEF.
  • This card's third OCG (but second TCG artwork) is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 45: "Crisis!", specifically from the panel showing this monster and Dark Yugi (directly before Dark Yugi activates "Multiply").
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