• This card's name appears to be a corruption of the word "clairvoyance", which references its being a Psychic-Type.
  • The monster is surrounded by 0s and 1s (binary), and appears to be floating in cyberspace. The patterns on its costume resemble parts of a circuit board. The symbols on its visor are "greater than/less than or equal to and semicolon" symbols.
  • This monster bears a somewhat resemblance to Lazar's "Jester Lord".
    • They also both have similar ways of attacking ("Jester Lord" juggles flame balls to throw at the opponent, while "Krebons" materializes objects to hurl at them).
  • Three of the blocks that this monster is juggling have a striking comparison to Tetris blocks. Two of them is a "T"-shaped block and one of them is a 2x2 square, both of which are possible falling block formations in the game series.
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