• This card's international name (Jinzo) comes from the Japanese word for "artificial".
  • The voice of "Jinzo" in the GX anime sounds a lot like Psycho Mantis, a villain from Konami's Metal Gear Solid. Psycho Mantis is also a Konami property who is bald, wears a mask and uses psychic powers, adding to speculation that "Jinzo" may be partially inspired from Psycho Mantis.
  • In the second series anime, "Jinzo" seems to have the ability to destroy Traps (face-down and face-up) instead of just negating them.
  • In the anime, during the Virtual World arc, Leichter takes the form of this monster to act as his Deck Master. Its Deck Master ability allows him to destroy all of the opponent's Traps while leaving his own unaffected.
    • Ironically, Leichter's opponent was Seto Kaiba while Johnson, who took the form of "Judge Man" to act as his Deck Master, was Joey Wheeler's opponent. Both monsters are used by the other one's opponent, have an effect to destroy a certain type of the opponent's cards on the field, are Level 6 and have 1500 DEF. The three monsters used by the other members of The Big Five, the following Level 4 - "Nightmare Penguin", "Robotic Knight", as well as Level 5; "Deepsea Warrior", all have 1800 DEF.
  • The background on this card artwork is pink, probably to link it to the closely-hued purplish color of the card borders of Traps.
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