• This card is a winged "Watapon", although "Hanewata" is orange while "Watapon" is pink.
  • This card is the polar opposite of "Kuriboh".
    • The former is LIGHT, while the latter is DARK.
    • The former is a Fairy, while the latter is a Fiend.
    • The former has 200 ATK/300 DEF, while the latter has 300 ATK/200 DEF.
    • The former works on effect damage, while the latter works on battle damage.
    • The former is a Tuner, while the latter is a non-Tuner.
  • This card's name includes "Hane", which means "Winged" (similar to "Winged Kuriboh" ("Hane Kuriboh") in Japanese), and "Wata", short for "Watapon", indicating that this card is in fact a Winged Watapon.
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