• This card is the Sacred Beast counterpart to "The Winged Dragon of Ra", noted by this monster's yellow color and draconian appearance. However, while "Winged Dragon of Ra" is the Egyptian God entity of fire, this monster is the Sacred Beast's entity of lightning.
    • However, in a possible homage to this, this monster's attack is called Cerulean Skyfire.
    • Also, this card's damage inflicting effect is the reverse of Ra's monster destruction effect. The player would pay 1000 Life Points to destroy a monster with Ra's effect while the opposing player would lose 1000 Life Points when this card destroys a monster by battle.
  • In the anime, this card's border design was similar to that of the anime version of the Egyptian God Cards.
  • This card is the only Sacred Beast not to have its name changed in the TCG.
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