• This monster is based on the Guivre or "wivre", a serpent-like dragon in European folklore that used to dwell on rivers and lakes; it attacks by shooting either water or a highly poisonous breath from its mouth. During the Middle Ages, these dragons were accused of spreading plagues and diseases.
    • According to a French legend, a method to defeat this monster was casually discovered. A young boy was bathing on a river when the dragon appeared and, when the boy came out of the water naked, the huge serpent felt ashamed and abandoned the place immediately. Since then, that was the method used to scare off these beasts.
  • This card may have inspired the making of the card "Jurrac Guaiba", a monster with a very similar name that also has a comparable effect to this card, in that both cards can Special Summon a monster when they destroy a monster by battle.
    • It also just so happens that both monsters furthermore share the same Level and DEF.
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