• The Malebranche were demonic characters in Dante's The Divine Comedy who guard the fifth Bolgia of Malebolge, the Eighth Circle of Hell. They are known for their ruthless cruelty, and are responsible for the punishment of corrupt politicians by holding them under a boiling lake of pitch.
    • Of the 12 named Malebranche, this card specifically represents the demon "Graffiacane," the "dog-scratcher"– whose name is reflected in this card's canine appearance (as well as the "scratching" motion it makes with its claw).
    • Also, when formally named in Inferno, Graffiacane is introduced in a pair with Ciriatto– whose card counterpart was released in the same set as "Graff."
  • In the Duelist Alliance Spanish print of this card, its name is incorrectly printed as "Graf" once in its lore.
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