• This card is similar to "Different Dimension Capsule"; both are Egyptian-themed containers for holding the remains of the dead, and both have very similar effects.
  • This box depicted on this card is highly similar to the Ark of the Covenant in design, shape, and the fact that it has winged creatures on the top of the lid. In Jewish lore, the fact that they are facing each other indicates that God is happy with the world, which may be referenced by the anime appearance of this card occurs after the successful vanquishing of Zorc by Horakhty (i.e. the triumph of good over evil).
  • The Spanish printed name of this card, "Cofre de Oro Sellado" (meaning Sealed Gold Coffer) is a translation of its Japanese name "Fuin no Oogonhitsu (封印の黄金櫃)", probably due to a translation of this card in games.
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