• Collectively, the artwork of these cards gives a rough narrative where the "Goblin of Greed" is obsessed with "Pot of Greed" and its variants, and tries to make its fortune selling or stealing them, but through misfortune or misadventure he loses his fortune and is forced to do menial jobs to make money; then a new opportunity to acquire "Pot of Greed" arises and the Goblin goes back to scheming, the cycle repeating.
  • The Spanish name of this card has a typo, as it was printed as "Goblin de la Codícia" instead of "Goblin de la Codicia".
    • In the early days of the Spanish TCG, there were a fair number of cards which names featured diacritical marks where they shouldn't be, or a complete lack thereof. This case matches that of "Jar of Greed", which was eventually corrected.
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